Mobile Phone Apps

The World Has Gone Mobile.

Imagine running your business without a website? You don’t have to look far to see that people around you are on their mobile devices “23 hours” per day! The world has gone mobile. While paying ten, twenty, thirty thousand dollars for an App is still not unheard of, InfoTec offers an App solution for a mere fraction of the cost. Give your App free to your clients and in conjunction with use social media, promote your business.

Key Benefits

  • Keep your Branding right in front of your cutsomers
  • Create social media buzz and Viral Marketing
  • Put your company ahead of your competition
  • Find your location with GPS navigation
  • Make it simple to contact you with One Tap Calling.
  • Reach your audience quickly with “PUSH” Notifications
  • Works on iPhones & Android Smart Phones.

Find Out More

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